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We can and will find you the lowest rate for your auto title loan. You will get the best rates in Maine. We don't believe that charging high interest rates is the way to conduct business. It's important that you obtain the money you need to take care of those medical bills, annoying creditors, or even for a vacation when you simply must get some time away. Traditional loan companies charge exorbitant rates and make it hard to pay back your loan. Maine Auto Title Loans doesn't! We don't even charge early payment penalties. This means you can pay back your loan off early with no additional cost. We take pride in providing such low rates! We want you to get back on your feet with haste, and get back into life's adventures where you aren't always worried about money. We will even develop a payment plan that will suit your needs. You shouldn't hesitate to call us with questions because out customer representatives are friendly and trained.

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A low interest rate is something borrowers usually look for when they want funds. We don't do that here, we assure our customers that they will be getting low interest rates as we say we will. You also want to look for an interest rate that is based upon the amount you still owe on the loan, not the principal amount of the loan. This will ensure that your bills get cheaper as you pay off the loan. Maine Auto Title Loans will guide you in obtaining in touch with the best lenders who offer the lowest rates. The way auto title loans in Maine work is that you want to own your own car in order to borrow (cash|funds|money. You will have to supply the lender with some sort of collateral for borrowing cash. This way, if you were to refuse to pay back your loan, they would be able to make the cash back that they let you borrow. The amount you're allowed to borrow is based upon how much your car is worth and a few other factors. It's important to know how these loans work before you sign-up for our simple document.

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