5 Small Businesses You Can Start with a Title Loan

Small Businesses You Can Start with a Title Loan

There’s a new gold rush going on and it is in the form of start ups. Everyone is still reeling over the news of how much Facebook paid for WhatsApp a few years ago, a simple yet robust messaging app.

Not everyone is a programmer or marketing genius but everyone has the ability to work hard and forge a path for him or herself.

What follows is a list of businesses you could start with less than $5,000. Not everyone has a spare $4,000 or $5,000 sitting around waiting to be turned into a business, but you may have a car or truck which can be used to secure a loan!

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Are your ready to start making money? Are you ready to seize control of your own destiny?

Bicycle Repair

A seasonal job for many parts of the country, as Americans take up bicycling as more than a weekend leisure activity but as part of their daily lives, you have the opportunity to provide a critical and essential service.

Learning to change tires, fix gearing, and set chains is invaluable. Additionally, for those living in climates where bicycling is not a year round activity, you can rent a storage unit and charge people to store their bike over the winter.

Carpet Cleaning Service

You’ve seen the big steam cleaning vacuum cleaners you can rent at hardware stores and some grocery stores. People want to have their carpets deep cleaned but rarely do they want to invest the time and effort to do it.

Whether it is a deep clean as part of a seasonal cleaning or prepping a house for sale, you can easily offer your time and energy to do this for others.

Personal Concierge

It isn’t just busy corporate executives who can use the help of a personal concierge. Busy parents can also use the help of a person to take care of household shopping, shuttling cars for routine maintenance, and making travel arrangements.

All it takes it a few key recommendations and you can have a business relieving people of their dreary mundane tasks.

Used Book Sales

Print is not dead. At least not yet. And until the time it is, there is money to be made in books. Used books are an important segment of the market and it relatively easy to get started.

With some effort, you can even set up an online bookstore and sell your used books through Amazon.com.

Moving Planner

One of the most stressful things a person can go through is moving. Having a person there to help plan the move, make sure no detail is forgotten, and to make sure all the deadlines are met is invaluable.

A well organized person willing to make countless phone calls, coordinate movers and people moving, as well as a willingness to get hands dirty helping pack things up can be a life saver.

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