A Wedding Loan Lets You Say Yes to the Dress

A Wedding Loan Lets You Say Yes to the Dress

Many girls spend their early years fantasizing about their wedding day and dreaming up their perfect, fairytale dresses. After all, this event is supposed to be her big day!

Having the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important parts of the entire wedding ceremony, and finding the perfect gown can be almost as difficult as finding the right husband.

Everyone knows that there is one very important rule for weddings: nobody can upstage the bride on her special day! Even bridesmaids are notoriously tricked into wearing less-than-appealing gowns in order to draw attention away from them and to the bride instead.

However, not all brides can afford to spend a small fortune (or half their wedding budget!) on the dress alone. With so many other things to be paid for, it is extremely important to remain realistic in what your budget will allow.

Luckily, wedding loans are a fantastic way to ensure that there is plenty of money to cover all the wedding expenses, including the dress.

Average Wedding Dress Prices

According to Statisticbrain.com, the average US wedding costs around $30,000! The site offers an extensive chart breaking down the typical expenses of planning a wedding and accounts for everything from A to Z – check it out to get an idea of what to expect for your upcoming nuptials.

The price of an average wedding dress caps at a little over $1000, but this estimate does not include the accessories that go along with it, such as shoes, jewelry, or even the veil.

When you add these little items all up, it can end up being over $1300 just for the whole package, and that’s just what you’d pay for the bridal outfit.

Keep in mind that was just the cost of the average dress; many women are not satisfied with wearing off-the-rack dresses on their wedding day and want their gown to be from a high-end fashion designer in order to make it more unique.

However, the price tag that goes along with dresses like that is anything but pretty – these gowns can run anywhere between $2,000 to $6,000!

But don’t fret – wedding loans and title loans in Chicago care available to you if your budget cannot cover all your wedding expenses. You deserve to have your special day be as magical as you always dreamed it would be.

Wedding Dress Bargains

For the modern bride who is looking for a way to curb her spending on the dress of her dreams, there are many options out there. A countless number of websites and blogs are dedicated to helping you find great deals on wedding dresses that won’t break the bank.

Look over this list of sites to check out when you are searching for a wedding dress bargain:

Many of these sites are great places to start looking for low-budget gowns. Vows Bridal offers a wide variety of dresses to choose from, and they come in all cuts and styles. The prices of these dresses are the best part! Absolutely everything is on sale, and you can score some fantastic designer garb for relatively cheap.

David’s Bridal is a good old staple for anyone on the lookout for a wedding dress, but the store also has collections from famous designers who are well-known for their wedding lines, such as Vera Wang.

Designers kept the price of the gowns on the low end, which allows everyday brides to be clad in high-end fashion wear on the most important day of their lives without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Once Wed is the most interesting website of the bunch, because it has an entire page dedicated to selling used wedding dresses.

Obviously, wedding dresses are meant for one-time use only (unless you aren’t ashamed to have people stare at you in the checkout line at your local grocery store), which is why some brides opt to have the dress sold after its use.

You can easily score a great deal on a used gown and pay a small fee for it to be cleaned, so it looks like new!

How to Get a Loan for Your Wedding Gown

No matter what your budget for a dress may be, we can help you score a significant loan amount in a relatively short period of time. In fact, our wedding loans can be used to cover the cost of the entire reception and ceremony.

Getting a wedding loan to help you plan for the party of the season is super easy. We only need some details about your car to estimate a quote for you, which you will receive instantly after applying.

Then, a customer service representative from our company will contact you to finalize the wedding loan process.

We will set you up with a personalized repayment schedule that caters to your individual needs – you should be able to enjoy your wedding day without worrying about how you will pay it all off. You can pay at a pace you are comfortable with!

Fill out the application on Chicago Title Loans right now to find how much money you will get to spend on your wedding dress.

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